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WE two, that are Monika and Michael Fischer.

A couple for many years, originally once at home in Bavaria. Our old home is beautiful, but we had a dream….

For several years now, we have spent as many vacations as possible on one of the most beautiful islands in the world: La PALMA.
We liked the country and the people, we were fascinated by the varied beauty of nature, the clean air, the mild climate and the ease of BEING. Everything here seemed to be set back years. With every stay on Isla Bonita, as it is also called, the desire grew in us to realize our dream of a permanent life in this other world.

Said! And Done!
Soon 2 furry noses joined us, Chino and Emma. They guard our house and tolerate our 2 velvet paws, Cookie and Oreo.
Very soon we were surprised by “King Chance”….
The old established vacation house agency Eco Casas La Palma of Mr. Werner Brock was free to take over.
What was there to hesitate? NOTHING!!!
We know it every day, it was a stroke of luck !!! It gives us a lot of pleasure to communicate with our guests in a binding way, to advise them, to support them and to enable them to have the best vacation on this beautiful island. We never lose sight of our goal:

Satisfied and happy guests !!!

Yours Monika and Michael

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