Dolphin Boat Safari:

Dolphin Boat Safari with the Fancy II

La Palma offers not only natural beauty on the island, but also in its marine environment in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean cavort many species rarely seen in nature:

Dolphins, whales, large aquatic turtles and many more.

The ocean-going catamaran Fancy II with underwater panoramic windows offers different boat trips from the port of Puerto de Tazacorte. The team of the Fancy is very environmentally conscious and approaches the dolphins with the utmost caution. The dolphins know the ship and like to come close, but also the crew knows from over 14 years of experience when and where to find the dolphins. Dolphin contact occurs on about 80% of the boat trips.

The Fancy II is the only excursion boat that goes into the “Cueva Bonita” near Tijarafe. The Cueva Bonita is a large cave with 2 entrances to the sea, inside there is a sandy beach and especially the evening sun conjures a fantastic light in the cave with its picturesque rock walls. It is a unique experience to go into the cave with the Fancy.

Also the rapid ride on the rubber banana pulled by a fast inflatable boat is a wet and great experience for children and all the young at heart. The water temperature allows swimming in the Atlantic Ocean all year round.

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